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From dystopian science-fiction to fast-paced and in-depth techno-thrillers, Craig provides his readers with edge of the seat adventure and suspense. A retired Marine, Craig brings to his books the thrilling experience of combat balanced with humor, and exceptional characters amid compelling stories. His books are available in his shop or on Amazon.

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What Do Readers Have To Say?

This was a great read from the beginning, and was one the best books I've read in awhile. This turning out to be a must read series. Highly recommend this one!

DStars2797 -  Nomad Redeemed

I loved this book. The author's world building skills are superb. The same holds true for his ability to create fascinating characters. I just purchased the rest of the series and am looking forward to reading the rest of the books.

Thank-You, Mr. Martelle... Your writing is inspired, to be treasured and savored. Your plot, characters, dialog, and believability are wonderful, Sir.

Old Archer -  Nomad Avenged 

A raucous romp only available for FREE, when you sign up for my email list (and that of my co-author - Michael-Scott Earle). Sign up above. It's a short story, but you can't beat FREE:)

Jacob Wild McKilljoy is a man feared through the entire country of Alaska. Not just for his psychic control of the giant Alaskan Wolves, but because of his pistol; Code named "World Ender." The small, seemingly normal looking pistol launches tactical nukes that have already destroyed half of Alaska's sprawling mega cities.

Now there is only one woman standing in his way: President Elect Willow.

With the help of a crack team of ex Russian Spetsnaz American SEALs, she'll dive deep into the uncharted wilderness of Alaska to discover the source of McKilljoy's wolf powers and who gave him the powerful weapon.

But the quest might just cost her life and the lives of billions of others living in the Alaska Super State.