Nomad's Justice - Snippet 05

Posted on April 7, 2017 at 7:10 AM


Nomad's Justice - SNIPPET 05

Terry Henry Walton Chronicles Book 6

Craig Martelle & Michael Anderle

     “I need to tell you this, because I care,” Adams said as he walked forward with the agility of a sailor to join Terry at the bow. “You look like crap, man!”

     Peals of laughter came from aft end of the sailing boat. Terry looked back to see Merrit doubled over.

     “Very funny, you snot-gobbling, ass-hugging, ferret-faced shit-gibbon!” Terry yelled, even though Adams was only a foot away. Terry wrapped Adams into a man-hug and they struggled briefly as Adams wasn’t sure if Terry was trying to throw him overboard or not.

     “I feel pretty good, just tired, all the time, tired,” Terry lamented with a smile.

     “If no one has told you, Werewolf babies are rare. I mean really rare, so you should be proud that you were gifted with one.” Adams looked Terry in the eye to cement the seriousness of his support.

     “You know that Cory is a Werewolf? Char won’t come clean with me.” Terry waited impatiently for an answer as he grabbed Adams by his shoulders and stared without blinking.

     “Dude! Char will have our hides for throw rugs if we told you what we know.” Adams looked around before waving Terry close so he could whisper in his ear. “We won’t know for sure until she turns four or five. Char’s not holding out on you. She doesn’t want you to know that she doesn’t know.”

     Terry was stumped.

     “Don’t you dare let her know that you know that she knows that you know that she doesn’t know. Got it?” Adams asked.

     “You are both shaggy gray, right? That would look nice on the floors, be warm in the winter,” Terry taunted them. “You are both fucking lunatics and that would probably rub off through your pelts, so no, you’re secret is safe with me.”

     Terry shook Adams’s hand.

     “What secret?” Char asked from the rough dock.

     “That you don’t know whether the baby’s a Werewolf or not,” Terry said matter-of-factly, then turned to Adams. “I’m sorry man. I tried like hell to keep your secret.”

     “I’ll talk to you two later,” Char threatened. Merrit threw his hands up before pointing at Adams.

     “It was him!” he dodged.

     “And for the record, the baby is most assuredly, not a Werewolf. We have no external manifestations of being a Werewolf and look at her ears!” Char tipped Cory’s head, but none of the others needed to look. They’d all seen the baby’s ears because they were so unique.

     “Silver streak in your hair?” Terry asked.

     “Oh, that. Well, maybe the baby is a Werewolf. Honestly, I can’t tell,” Char conceded with a smirk and small shake of her head.


This will be the last snippet from Nomad's Justice since the book is going live on MONDAY, April 10! Amazon has been extremely kind to us lately and published quickly, in short order, and at the speed of light for us. We have high hopes that this trend will continue for THW Book 6. I have started my Cygnus 3, so there will be a short hiatus in the Terry Henry Walton Chronicles. Nomad Avenged, Book 7 should be out by the end of May. That's my target anyway.

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Why yes, it is snowing - imagine my surprise. It's a good thing I scheduled our snow tire change out for Tuesday. It's not bad since it's warm out, so I expect the new stuff will melt. We still have more than three feet piled around our driveway and parking pad. I think that stuff will finally be gone sometime in May. I'm not being sarcastic. The year we bought our house, we actually had snow in our yard into June. This is the sub Arctic.

I still don't have my tractor fixed. I have high hopes that we'll get it taken care of before next winter. Really high hopes...

Next up is the garden. Snow is late this year, so that greenhouse is going to get put back together as soon as the snow is gone around it. We'll buy our plants pre-started, but we'll get them within the month and then our greenhouse will start earning its keep. I'm thinking two tomato, Two peppers, and one zucchini plant. And then a couple kale plants and maybe two cabbages. I have a starter guide and plans to dig deep into my new soil and bury some fish guts and other tasty morsels for the plants. We'll know when the roots get that deep as the plants should shoot into thei ionisphere. Or we could be back at the Farmer's Market buying our vegetables like last year.

A gratuitous aurora shot taken from our driveway looking north. Peace fellow humans.

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Reply Dave Mac ^.^
8:26 AM on April 7, 2017 
Fun! ^.^
Reply Tom Larcombe
10:46 AM on April 7, 2017 
If you like it, run with some spinach either in your greenhouse or outdoors. It loves the cold, although not much below freezing, and would probably grow for you in Alaska. I grow it at elevation in the Rocky Mountains (Colorado - 8200 ft elevation in the Front Range Foothills) both indoors (hydroponics) and outdoors (raised beds). Probably my favorite variety I've tried so far is Bloomsdale long-standing. The other thing you could do if you enjoy your gardening and want to do it year round is drop a small homemade hydroponics setup in your house. Even if you keep it chilly in there you can have your fresh greens year round at least. You can set one up for about $40 starting cost (hardware) plus another $10-$20 for hydroponic nutrients.