End Times Alaska: Endure - Book 1 of a new Trilogy by Craig Martelle, published by Winlock Press.

When your city is destroyed in the middle of an Alaskan winter, could you survive? Follow one couple as they discover what they're made of on their journey of life. They learn what they're willing to do for each other while trying to rebuild a world cruelly taken from them.

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End Times Alaska: Run  Book 2 of the Trilogy by Craig Martelle, published by Winlock Press.

When the faceless enemy returns, the Community that Chuck & Madison have helped build is forced to run for their lives through a frozen Alaskan wilderness...

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End Times Alaska: Return Book 3 of the Trilogy by Craig Martelle, published by Winlock Press.

The outside world was different than they remembered. Impersonal. Harsh. But that world was the same.

It was the survivors who had changed.

When the Treaty between the United States and Russia offered the opportunity for Chuck, Madison and the others to return, they seized it, this time leaving modern conveniences behind by choice.

The Community embarked on a new race to colonize a wild Alaska. They return, only months after leaving, with a completely different attitude but with the same mission. They didn’t want to simply exist, they wanted to thrive in a new world of their own making.

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End Times Alaska - Books 1-3 in a single paperback!

The book is in pre-order at present and will be published on February 28, 2017.

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End Times Alaska: Fury Book 4 of the series by Craig Martelle, published by Winlock Press.

As the colonists attempt to rebuild life in Alaska, they run into many obstacles, some from nature, some from those who were supposed to help.

Chuck doesn't take it well, responding in the only way he knows how...

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