Free Trader Book One - The Free Trader of Warren Deep

A cat and his human minions fight to bring civilization back to humanity. 

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Free Trader Book Two - The Free Trader of Planet Vii

The second in a multi-volume series inspired by Gamma World(TM).

In a human-colonized world  after a civil war, humanity and its creations rise again. Braden and his companions, having found an active ancients' outpost, change their goal from trading Old Tech to keeping it out of the hands of an increasing number of belligerents. They continue to expand the trade routes in the south to include both mutants and humans, but the friction grows between all groups. Braden and his companions go to war against a mutant menace that threatens to wipe out all life in the south. With Old Tech in hand, the companions at his side, and a rough plan, they engage the enemy.

Available in both Paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon.

Free Trader Book Three - Adventures on RV Traveler

The third in a multi-volume series inspired by Gamma World(TM) and in this volume, Metamorphosis Alpha (TM).

Once Braden and Micah learned that humans are elsewhere in the Cygnus system, the Old Tech of New Sanctuary helps them get on board the Resettlement Vessel Traveler where they have to realign the ship to transfer the remaining people from Cygnus VI to the ship, then to Planet Vii.  It takes days to travel from one end of the massive ship to the other. In between, they find themselves watched and stalked by a wide range of strange and wonderful inhabitants of RV Traveler.  They fight their way forward, but will they succeed in saving the remnants of Cygnus VI?

Available in both paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon.

Free Trader Book Four- Battle for the Amazon

The fragile trade route is expanding, until the attacks come.

Trade grinds to a halt. People cower in fear, before they run for their lives.

The first Lizard Men were called the Overlords, and they have declared war on humanity. Braden, Micah, and the Hillcat are the only ones with the ability to act, so they take the responsibility.

They gather the companions for a journey into the rainforest to confront the Overlords, but the ancient Lizard Men are deep within the Amazon, protected by a seemingly endless number of dark minions.

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Free Trader Book Five - Free the North!

When peace is established in the south and trade starts to flourish, the Free Trader determines that he needs more resources. A trip back across the Great Desert is planned. Better equipped with technology, the Hillcat, the Free Trader and their companions head north to find livestock, horses, and even settlers, but what Braden saw before he left was only the tip of the iceberg.

A war has come and gone, but Braden know that the victors cannot be allowed to rule.

Free Trader 5 - available exclusively from Amazon!

Free Trader Book Six - Free Trader on the High Seas

The Free Trader and his companions head out to sea to find the research station hidden in the depths of the Western Ocean. Finding an island teeming with life, there's never a dull moment as strange creatures and humans resist Braden's attempts to save them from themselves.

Free Trader 6 - available exclusively from Amazon!

Free Trader Book Seven - Southern Discontent

We've already contracted with Tom Edwards, the cover artist who did the first six covers to do the next three. Look for these three titles in 2017!

A Cat and his human minions fight to bring peace to humanity. High technology weapons are stolen! Braden, Micah and the band chase the raiders deep into the southern frontier before they face a warped mind and Wolfoid lightning spears.

  • "The characters draw you in, leading to you caring about what happens to them. The whole series is well written."
  • "This series has you going non-stop."
  • "This series continues to be a fun & hard to put down... I love how the author uses his main characters to reach new places, new situations & new creatures. It all works perfectly."
The Free Trader takes you to a world across the galaxy, where humans are not the only sentient species. After a devastating war, humanity and its creations rise again. The Free Trader finds himself at a crossroads - can he and his Cat help humanity rise again?

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Free Trader Book Eight- The Great Cat Rebellion

Maybe the Hillcats have had enough of human shenanigans? What will they do to get Vii back on track.

Coming soon... 

Free Trader Book Nine - Return to the Traveler

Braden and Micah traveler back to the RV Traveler on another mission for Holly. They expect that things won't go according to plan, and they aren't disappointed.

Coming soon...

Cygnus Space Opera series
Humanity Returns to Space
Based in the Free Trader Universe

Far in the future after Braden, Micah, and G-War bring peace and prosperity to Vii...

The Cygnus Space Opera is built in the Free Trader Universe about 135 years after the time of the Free Trader series.

Cygnus Space Opera